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The Faculty



VANCOUVER - Geneen Georgiev Creator & Artistic Director

I would like to welcome dancers to the 2013-2014 season of Scholarship Dance | Vancouver Toronto ! I am so very proud of how this program has developed and expanded, and can't wait for a new year of amazingness! I truly feel that the most important component of the Scholarship Program is the idea that participants come together from a wide variety of dance backgrounds to build an atmosphere where they can develop, create, and learn from one another. Within this environment I see dancers demonstrate growth in new dance disciplines as well as in their understanding of themselves as dance artists. The benefit of having mentors and choreographers who are among the most talented and seasoned working professionals in the industry gives these dancers the ability to make outstanding progress in what they love doing the most: dancing and being artists! Here's to a new year of exceptional progress!

TORONTO - Lindsay Ritter (2012-2014)

I would like to welcome all dancers to the 2013-2014 season of Scholarship Dance | Toronto! We are very proud to be Toronto’s first official commercial dance training program! We have an extremely well-rounded program for dancers from all backgrounds looking to train, develop and grow as they prepare ultimately for their successful dance careers. We have a top notch faculty, as well as guest choreographers, mentors and business professionals who are all extremely well-known in the industry, ready to work with all of our dancers, to help prepare them for what lies ahead in their future careers. Now in our 2nd year, myself and the entire staff at Scholarship Dance | Toronto look forward to seeing you all develop and progress as dancers and artists!