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2009 - 2010 Company

Hayden is a rising professional artist, just a few years after finding his passion for dance he has shot into the industry with amazing talent and adaptability. He started off, as an urban hip-hop dancer and Bboy, were he got his first taste of performing in shows and music videos. Wanting to open up the whole world of dance he has moved into training in ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary. He has trained in Drive Dance Center’s “Scholarship Program” which has propelled him further into the dance world. Through this training Hayden has heightened his abilities and is being recognized for it. Since starting his pursuit as a professional dancer, he has gotten to work and train with many internationally known professionals such as, Martha Carter (mmHOP), Jojo Zolina (OTI/La Douche), and the New Pornographers. Also by being part of two local dance crews, Style-O-Phonics and FlowEthics, which have given him the chance to perform and many reputable shows, For the Luv of it, I Heart Van Art, Vanoc Snow Hoppers, and Unrated, Warner Bros. Media event. Along with his training, Hayden has been noted for his freestyle and choreographic abilities. His musicality and versatile style stands him out above the crowd, were he can adapt what the music is telling him, and share that story in his performance. With all this Hayden has quickly risen in the dance community, and is becoming and well recognized face.

Starting on the urban side of dance in breaking and hip hop, Hayden got his first exposure to performing. Showing his talents in venues all over Vancouver at events like the 2010 Winter Olympics, and music video’s such as the New Pornographers, and working with his two crews FlowEthics and Style-O-Phonics. Since then Hayden has trained in numerous other styles from ballet and jazz to salsa and ballroom, but has fallen in love with contemporary. Getting to work with many different companies like Move the company, 605 collective, and MartaMartaHop, Hayden has truly found a second passion in dance. Getting his first break out contemporary performance in “Box4” with Kinesis Dance Somatheatro, he got to show his talents in Europe. Stepping into the world of choreography Hayden focuses on performance quality and musicality. While combining his loves of hip hop, contemporary and isolation, Hayden is stepping out as a unique and one of kind dancer.

Open-minded, determined and business oriented is the best way to describe Heather Aucoin. At the age of 5 she began to get in touch with her heritage of Highland Dancing, since then she has expanded and continues to train in styles such as; Jazz, ballet, lyrical, modern, contemporary, salsa, ballroom, and urban styles.

Heather has completed her Intermediate Checcetti Ballet exams, as well as Scottish Award 5 exams for both Highland and National in Highland Dance.

Heather has trained with a wide variety of teachers as well as choreographers over the years at various studios, conventions and workshop, which has allowed herself to grow as a person and dancer. She has competed in many competitions in Highland, winning awards such as overall points for the day, any many other aggregate trophies that show her hard work.

In 2009, Heather was asked to go to Taiwan, where she performed at the International Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival. She was put to the test of dancing on a floating stage, on the side of a mountain and had the honour of dancing for the president of Taiwan.

Currently she is training in the scholarship program at Drive Dance Centre. Where she has had opportunities, to dance in Marianas Trench music video, "Celebrity Status," many short films such as "The Education of Wendy Winconsin," "Dance Is Contagious," and "Tomorrow, or Someday"

She was also lucky enough to have the experience of dancing in the closing ceremonies of Vancouver 2010 Olympics. As a mountie, she performed along side Michael Bublé and other "Made In Canada" cast members.

Heather’s passion, open-mindedness, determination, and hard work will make her successful as she ventures into her professional career.

She has performed in live shows such as “For The Luv of It,” The 2010 Closing Ceremonies as a Mountie along side Michael Buble, The International Ghost Festival in Taiwan, As well as dancing for the band Delhi 2 Dublin throughout BC, and Taiwan.

She was cast as a principal dancer in Stef Lang’s music video “Slave2Love,” and can be seen in other music videos and films such as Marianas Trench, and Ash Koley, 72hr Film Festival and Crazy 8’s Productions.

Heather is excited to perform, choreograph and grow as she ventures into her career as a professional dancer.

Nico is a vibrant and versatile performer with over 20 years of dance training to her credit. She is passionate and expressive with every style she encounters. Born and raised in White Rock, BC, Nico trained as a Canadian Youth Ambassador as part of Visions Dance Company under the artistic direction of Susie Green. At the age of 17, Nico relocated to Los Angeles to train and tour with the international performing company, The Young Americans. In their Music Outreach Tour, Nico performed and led workshops as both a dancer and vocalist throughout Japan, England, Scotland, Wales, the Republic of Ireland, Eastern Canada, and the United States. She also secured principal roles for three years in their Dinner Theatre at Boyne Highlands Resort in Northern Michigan. In 2001 she was the scholarship recipient at LA’s ‘Dance Excellence!’ international invitational convention. Since then she has been invited back annually as both a demonstrator and as part of the Senior Production Staff.

Other creative highlights during her time in California were a principal role with Michael Curry Designs, Inc., puppet designers for Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ on Broadway, and dancing for Emmy-nominated choreographer, Suzy Miller in two original works: ‘True Colors’ and ‘Relativity & the Moment’. Nico was blessed to work with the 76th Academy Awards, Super Bowl XXXVIII, and the NEA Jazz Masters Awards. In 2004 Nico returned to B.C. to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Linguistics at Trinity Western University. During those years Nico developed a refreshed perspective on the spiritual significance of her work and in 2008 accepted the position of Choreographer/Director of the University’s IMPACT Dance Ministry.

As an emerging dance artist in Vancouver, Nico has danced in three of Carla Catherwood’s ‘For the Luv of It’ showcases, the Vancouver International Salsafestival with members of Bravo Dance Company, and with martamartaHoP’s ‘Heat the Streets 2010’ as part of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Katie started dancing when she was 5 years old. Since then she has trained in Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro, Tap, Ballet, Pointe and Modern. She also teaches jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop.

Katie has completed her AIDT Modern and Tap exams. Katie has also completed the grade 8 and intermediate Ballet exams.

Katie has trained with a wide variety of choreographers at various conventions over the years, allowing her to grow as a dancer. She recently won a scholarship to go to the finals for Extreme Dance Convention. She has competed in many competitions in groups, duos and solos where she has received several awards, high score awards and judges' choice awards.

Katie was awarded a scholarship to go on the Hollywood Summer Tour with Menina Fortunato. There she took many dance classes, met many choreographers, and filmed a music video for New Girl On The Block by Jordan Setacci.

Katie has the determination, heart, and ability required to pursue a career in the dance industry.

Growing up in Vancouver BC, Sara trained in a variety of dance styles from ballet and contemporary, to tap and hip hop. Her clear understanding and enjoyment for the art landed her the current position in The Drive Dance Centre Scholarship Program where she has had the opportunity to work with many talented and innovative performers in the city. Sara’s breakout in the dance industry came full force as she was given the opportunity to work with Amber Funk Barton and her company The Response. in her recent work, “RISK”. As well, she was featured in a music video for the Indie band Hey, Ocean!. Sara has also made the move into the acting scene with credits that include a commercial “Leaving Something Behind” in association with Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership, and the musical “Chicago” produced by the Treehouse Theatre. Currently teaching what she knows to aspiring young faces, Sara looks forward to her life involving dance. She hopes to one day produce original work that will take her farther than she can imagine. With Sara’s fascination and deep understanding of dance, nothing will stop her on fulfilling her journey.

Ashley has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Since then she has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theater and Salsa.

Ashley has completed all the way up to and including her grade 7 cecchetti ballet exams. Ashley has trained with a wide variety of choreographers at many different conventions and dance schools to help her expand her knowledge of movement and style. Ashley has performed in live shows such as the PNE Celebration parade, KC Bear Street Party, the BC Lions half-time show, Whitecaps Soccer halftime, For the Luv Of It, the Olympic Torch Relay and the Vancouver International Salsa Festival. She has also danced in several music videos and films such as Marianas Trench, K-OS, 72hr Film Festival and Crazy 8’s Productions. Ashley was chosen out of all of Canada to participate in The Paris Summer Dance Tour 2009, as well as receiving a scholarship to attend The Hollywood Summer Tour 2010.

Ashley has the drive, heart and ability required to pursue a career in the dance industry.

Naomi Lawson-Baird started performing at age 6 in many commercials, TV and film projects including The Dead Zone and Scary Movie 3. She then went on to train in many styles of dance and performing arts at Perform Art Studios in North Vancouver and then Drive Dance Centre’s Post Secondary “Scholarship program”. Along with guest performing with companies like Moscow Ballet, Ballet Jorgen, Ballet B.C., Alberta Ballet, ColabArt Productions and Bravo Dance Company, Naomi has also trained in places like Brazil, California, New York and London, England. Naomi has amazing passion for dance and performing and she plans to take that with her wherever her life path goes.

Lorraine Liu began her dance training at the age of 2. With a strong classical background, she continues to expand her training in other disciplines including jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, ballroom, latin and salsa. Her credits include CW Network’s Hellcats, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Ceremony, Vancouver International Salsa Festival, Marianas Trench “Celebrity Status”, Vancouver’s 72 hour Film Festival, and CMC Entertainment’s “For the Luv of It”. Lorraine obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Family Studies from University of British Columbia. After graduation Lorraine decided to follow her passion in dance and is now training and teaching across the Lower Mainland. Versatile, committed, and passionate, Lorraine wishes to pursue her dreams inspiring others with her love of dance.

Jeff has been Ukrainian dancing and doing Men’s Artistic Gymnastics since the age of five. In the city he was born and raised, Edmonton, he began training with one of Canada’s most acclaimed Ukrainian dance troupes, The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers. He toured professionally with this company for four years, travelling to the USA, China, and Ukraine as well as a tour with renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli. Jeff also was a National level Artistic Gymnast and was the National Champion on Floor and Vault. The two disciplines have contributed to each other enormously, resulting in a contract with Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas. After performing as a main character in the Beatles LOVE for a year, he moved to Vancouver to train in other forms of dance. Currently, he is working on fusing his dance technique with aerial circus to create a unique display of contemporary movement and, literally, high flying acrobatics.

For Clarence, dance didn’t begin in dance studios; it began in his bedroom, listening to the radio. His movement is inspired by music and all the notes rhythms and instruments that compose it. It was at the age of 15 that Clarence set his mind on a professional career in dance. He has worked diligently to make sure this would happen for him, often working 30 hours a week during school to support his dance classes. Since then, he has had the privilege to work under such influential teachers such as Geneen Georgiev, Alfonso Caldera, Rachael Poirier, and Isabelle Yuan. He draws from a diverse training background of different styles including hip hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary and salsa.

Clarence is excited to be a part of CoreDance and as he embarks on a professional career in dance and choreography, he remains a humble student to the art of dance forever learning and growing as an artist.